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I’m setting up a WordPress site to host on my own Windows IIS server. Some directories need to be setup as writeable can you tell me which ones they are?

Which WordPress directories need to be Writeable

All directories in your WordPress site need to have IUSR and IIS_USR to have read and execute properties. If for some reason when you list the users IUSR or IIS_USR are not there, there is a very simple solution here.

Next in your WordPress site go to wp-content/uploads if there is no uploads directory then create one and grant IUSR and IIS_USR need ‘Modify‘ rights.

Do exactly the same for the following directories granting the appropriate rights. (again if the directory doesn’t exist create it.)

\wp-content\plugins full control
\wp-content\uploads modify
\wp-content\upgrade full control (else plugins can’t update)
\wp-content\themes modify

Then in the site root directory grant IUSR and IIS_USRfull control‘ to the file \sitemap.xml (again if sitemap.xml doesn’t exist just create a blank one using a text editor.)

If you’re like and you’re starting to get several thousand users a month you might want to take you’re simple WordPress site to the next level and maybe add a bulletin board that users can sign up to. I’m using PHPBB 3.1.1 at the moment.

PHPBB3 also needs to have all it’s sub directories with IUSR and IIS_USR with read & execute enabled.

phpbb3\cache modify (also empty cache folder of all files except for .htaccess and index.htm)

cache/: Writable (modify)

files/: Writable (modify)

store/: Writable (modify)

Optional files and directories

Optional – These files, directories or permission settings are not required. The installation system will attempt to use various techniques to create them if they do not exist or cannot be written to. However, the presence of these will speed installation.

config.php: Writable (modify)

images/avatars/upload/: Writable (modify)

Thank you to a user on stackoverflow who was instrumental in providing some of these answers.