iPhone 5S poor call quality
Hi all,

Not sure if anyone else has the same issue. When I’m on the phone I can hear the other person crystal clear, however they say it’s really poor and they cannot understand me.

I’ve tried my o2 sim card in a Moto G and that was perfect both ways, so I can rule o2 out.

If I took my iPhone to Apple will they exchange it? It was originally purchased from Carphone Warehouse, however they said that they will send it away but go to the Apple shop and they’ll just swap it. Don’t want a wasted journey really as the closest is 40 minutes away.

Thanks in advance

Hi darkthunder35

I’m experiencing the same thing with my iPhone 5S. I also have a 3G signal box and home so my signal strength is maximum. Not only that I also have had my calls Wi-Fi enabled and I have maximum signal on Wi-Fi as well – and STILL people keep telling me they can’t hear me properly! Is it a fundamental flaw with the iPhone or could it be EE? I really am at a loss.