There’s a nice new laptop that’s just been developed by DELL and it’s called the Latitude Z. Although back in 2001 I remember not exactly being impressed with DELL laptop’s I must admit to coming round to starting to like them more.

Aside from using me DELL Vostro 1500, which although I’ve upgraded the RAM to 4GB and installed Windows 7 on it’s 64-bit processor to help it cope with the demanding tasks I throw at it every day – and nearly 24 hours a day. It had proven a solid and reliable workhorse.

Now once again my eyes have been turned by DELL’s ability to surprise. The DELL Latitude Z. It comes as standard with 4GB (in my opinion utterly necessary these days) but it’s some of the cunning little extras that makes this laptop stand out from the crowd. It’s not cheep so don’t expect a lot of change from £1,300 but for any professional on the move it has some invaluable features.

Have a look at this presentation video:

You can order a DELL Latitude Z from Caspian IT by calling 08000 949 177 of by emailing us at [email protected]
It comes with one year free service and support.


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