Simon Nicol (M.D) started his career in IT as a video games programmer back in 1983, he diversified into computer hardware and communications networks in 1997 to broaden his understanding and satiate his curiosity of IT.

Simon’s sees the future of the Internet evolve into an ever more intigrated part of our lives. Whether we are enabled or enslaved by this technology depends on who has the balance of power. I’m highly advocating of the idea that we should move towards hosting our own information on our own computers not an ISP’s.

A home server will be a talking, listening inteligent being. Controling our money, our payments, our food purchases, even controling our heating, lighting and a thousand other things to service our daily needs.
It fetches our customised newspaper in the morning and manages our finances, calculates our taxes and pays our bills.

There will be an ‘undernet’ a – computers only –  automatic communications stream where computers will communicate with each other without the need for human interaction. One of these info screams might be along the lines of  ‘There is no

My owner needs food – I have found what he likes to eat on the Internet
It will search for the best bargains

to make us money on the stock markets and

Simon has installed and configured computer networks and communications for
About the future:
Simon is aiming to bring computer to a more holistic approach. It’s making the home more accessible. If one is away from out desk, it would be nice to still have access to our.

Services such as networked home appliances, such as being able to remotely switch on ambient lights, turn on the kettle, have your favourite relaxing music playing softly in the background for when you put your key in the frontdoor having finished work after a long day.

I think technology should be here to enhans the quality of out lives, not to enslave us.
I see a home entertainment system that is networked to ones own personal server. One will always have contact with our server through a mobile phone or MAVerIC  Mobile Audio Video e r  Internet Communications device of the time.
A thum print phone unlock could be used to secure phones.

personal communications hub’


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