Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 – Just released. Evangelist criticises closed software language policy, says ‘Go screw yourself Apple’

Evangelist criticises closed software language policy, says ‘Go screw yourself Apple’

My very favourite platform evangelist at Adobe Lee Brimelow has given Apple everything they deserve in my opinion. After Steve Jobs’ attack on Flash and his blatent refusal to allow Adobe Flash to run on the iPhone platform.

abode have cleverly written code that will complile an .FLA file (Flash’s native code) to compile into another language that will run directly on the iPhone.

In retaliation to this Adobe have just changed their licensing policy so that it makes ‘non-approved’ programming languages a violation.

The straight talking Brimelow made it clear in his blog that his issue is not purely to do with Flash , but is a stand against what he calls the establishment of “tyrannical control over developers and more importantly, wanting to use developers as pawns in their crusade against Adobe.”

“The fact that Apple would make such a hostile and despicable move like this clearly shows the difference between our two companies,” wrote Brimelow. “All we want is to provide creative professionals an avenue to deploy their work to as many devices as possible. We are not looking to kill anything or anyone.”

Before disabling the comments for his blog entry, Brimelow added “Go screw yourself Apple.”

As a fan of Lee Brimelow’s I completely concur with his choise of words. Lee is one of Adobe’s most valuable assets. And considering that Adobe are about to launch their CS5 products online within the next 1:30 seconds it doesn’t leave them a lot of time to remove this funtionality!

I’m going over to the Adobe Live broadcast now and will report back later.



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