I must say, I’m completely new to the world of marketing; however running a small business one needs to have just about every skill there is.

I’ve spent the last 14 hours listening to videos, from one thing to another expecting to be completely skeptical about the whole thing. Now I understand how marketing works a little better I can see where this little tool is going and I believe it could be really useful for anyone who uses Google AdWords to promote their website or promote other websites.

I’m always suspicious of products like these and I can’t stand all that horrible hype, but this tool really does deliver the goods. It’s a tool that will give you a lot of imformation about your competition, this product will only work with FireFox, which is ok and I would also like to have a copy of the original file which just seemed to install itself.

I’m still new to these tools, but the power of this little one really will save a lot of time in working out ways to promote your website.

The price for this is £6.30 or $9.95 and you can download and install it immediately. The one thing I did find confusing when installing this what to find out what my ‘ID’ was (which in about a quarter way down on your home page)

I think this program is well worth a try and at a measley £6.30 is well worth the money. Please click on the image at the top of this article that will take you straight through to their site.


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