If you’re like me and you’re using that fab plugin for WordPress – All in One SEO, you have probably noticed by now that all your pages render as %post_title%, not only that but all new posts (my home page has the three most recent posts) also have exactly the same problem! So as long as someone Googles “%post_title%” I’ll be in the top 10 – lol

I’m using WordPress 2.8.5 – the latest as of this post, and I think we all know that the All in One SEO plugin updates every other week or so. I’ve not really found out what the updates are all about, it just means I have to download, re-enable and re-activate the plugin.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the All in One SEO plugin is excellent and I can’t remember exactly when the AiOSEO started going a bit wobbly, but I’ve found that – whatever – text I place in the box, that’s the text that gets displayed, it doesn’t get rendered to a value, which isn’t that bad, but the titles would be the same for every page on my blog.

When the All in One SEO plugin is working it’s fab, but when it’s not, it’s almost as though it’s an ANTI SEO. Listing all my posts and page titles as %post_title% doesn’t describe a thing.

I’m thinking (and maybe I’m sounding a little paranoid here) but with all those seemingly pointless updates I have to do, and constantly re-activating the plugin every time – you know, the button just under the DONATE button, and the one that says I have made…. no, that’s just crazy talk…

I think I might try to track down the problem myself, but then changing the code of the plugin means I would have to constantly re-patch my modification every time the plugin itself gets updated, which would be a pain.

Still, I think I’ll give it a go.

Please post a comment if you’re having the same problem as me – is it just me?


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