When you make notes, don’t just write them so that you can understand them. Write them so anyone  who reads them can understand understand them – This is not just an excercise in clarity of vision, it is also an excercise in communication.

What legacy would I have to leave my children. At some stage in our lives do we not all want photographs or images so that our children could know who we are? A legassy, not just of posessions but a legassy of ourselves, what we thought and believed – Surely this is our true lagacy – ourselves.

What Mother would have said to me if only she had lived. What I might have learned from my father had he lived.
Our quest for the truth and the clear explanation of our beliefs.
Those that seek shall find. I don’t thing God was talking about Google specifically when He spoke these words. But by expressing my thoughts through a blog/electronic ‘cloud medium’ my thoughts are there to find should anyoue search for them.

You dear reader must have only found this website because there is some text here that you were looking for. It is only because you are interested in the visions or understanding of others that you are still reading this. Blessing be upon you and know that you are not alone in your thoughts. There are others that think along the lines that you do and others that feel the same as you. That is because we are all brothers and sisters and that because there is a time and a place for everything.


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