ASUS-VG248QELike you I thought the ASUS VG248QE sounded pretty good with it’s 1ms response time and the ability to pivot. However straight out of the box there seemed to be problems. Whether if was the fault of the Yodel delivery driver beating the living daylights out the packaging before it even arrived on my doorstep or whether it’s simply badly designed is a matter for debate.

However even though the ASUS VG248QE would seem to have decent specifications the problems that many people have with PC monitor would be just case to have second thoughts about buying this product.

After a certain amount of googling it would seem that a good (read ‘bad’) number of people are having the same issues with this monitor, ie. It’s either doesn’t turn on, or they get ‘no-signal’ showing on screen.

For some the fix was to unplug the power supply for a minute, for others the solution was to unplug the HDMI cable.

For me (this monitor didn’t even last 24 hours before going on the blink) the best solution was to send it back to the suppliers and never buy an ASUS product ever again.

Right. That’s got that off my chest now I can go and put the supper on.