bumble-beeOh dear, it looks as though I’m blogging again… doh!

I’ve just installed the Bad Behavior plugin for WordPress and I think it’s rather good. Bad Behavior will watch the requests coming in to my web server for inappropriate access by spam bots, e-mail harvesters and content thieves! I like mucho.

What’s even better is that along with the others who have signed up for this plugin the added bonus of being a member of ‘Project Honey Pot’ which is not quite such a bad name as project bumble-bee but it’s still quit naff.

Project Honey Pot will listen for spam-bots, e-mail harvesters and content thieves and collate the data from all over the world. It will monitor the bots being used and will actually track spammers – but wait – it gets even better! When the Honey Pot has gathered enough information the spammer or content thief can expect a knock at the door at 5am to be taken in to custody.

That’s right kids! If you spend your time on the Internet stealing content from other websites or scanning for e-mail addresses so you can send them spam your days of freedom are numbered! Santa will not be climbing down your chimney at Christmas, instead you can expect a little visit from those lovely people at the FBI / MI5 only to spend Christmas day in the intimate arms of your new friend ‘Bubba’.


LOL! I just had to add this. As soon as I submitted this post I had 11 spam bots try and steal my content – and they got blocked! Hahahaha. Come on!


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