Gantry 5 Framework is the powerhouse behind the Manticore theme

Manticore is built with a responsive layout, which means it automatically adapts to the viewing device.

Manticore will expand and contract accordingly to the size and resolution of the screen, whether mobile, tablet or desktop.

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Adjust color, saturation, hue, and transparency quickly and easily.

Take advantage of the uniquely powerful Gantry 5 Color Picker and change your theme’s color scheme in seconds.

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Font Awesome icons are awesome, and they’re supported natively in Manticore.

Use Gantry 5’s powerful Icon Picker to easily add icons to menus, particles, and more.

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Move, resize, and configure content in a matter of seconds with Layout Manager.

With drag-and-drop functionality and virtually limitless possibilities, Gantry 5’s Layout Manager makes setup a breeze.

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ee-co-uk“The wrong sort of Contract”

So my contract with EE ran out at the beginning of this year (we’re now in July) and so I moved from a standard two year contract that pays both for the phone and for air-time and moved to a SIM only contract. The deal I got was for £7.50 per month which includes 500 minutes, 500GB and unlimited texts. Sounds like a good deal right?

Except my bill is never – ever £7.50. Instead it’s still £3 – £20 more. When I speak to EE about this I get:

EE: (paraphrasing) “Ohhh well since we moved your account it’s no longer on direct debit so we charge an extra £2.50 for that..”

ME: OK. I didn’t realise there was no longer on direct debit; so I had them move it back. I paid the extra and made a mental note not to do that again.

The next month still the bill comes in at more than £7.50. So I get in contact with EE again and…

EE: (paraphrasing) “Ohhh well even though you may not have made any calls or even remotely used all your data you did listen to an answerphone message for 60 odd seconds whilst you were in Spain so I’m afraid there’s another £20 charge for that…”

ME: OK. I didn’t realise that listening to an answerphone message for 20 seconds would cost me £20. I’ll make a mental note and be sure not to do that again either!

The next month the bill comes in and STILL it’s more than the agreed amount of £7.50

EE: (paraphrasing) “Ohhh, yes I can see it on your account. Apparently you sent four emoticons.”

ME: Emoticons? You’re charging me for sending those stupid images and ridiculous smiley faces?

EE: (paraphrasing) “Ohhh yes. I’m afraid that emoticons don’t come under your ‘unlimited SMS’ nor do they come under your regular data plan.”

ME: Sorry? So you’re telling me that an emoticon doesn’t come under the heading of ‘data’. Why? Are you telling me “It’s a different sort of data”? A type of data that you’re not normally used to relaying? One that’s more expensive and needs a special kind of charge or something?

EE: “It’s outside your plan sir.”

ME: Send me a bill next month for £7.50 or the past 13 years I’ve been with Orange/EE you can stick it up your bottom and I’m moving to another provider. You’ve been taking the piss for far to long and I’m not having it any longer.



ipad-pro-9in-rosegold-witb-201603It’s extraordinary isn’t it? Such a successful company designs everything they do with right handed people in mind. If you’re left handed – fuck you. That’s basically Apple’s message. The way that your iPad switches off, the volume controls are on the underside. The way all the software works. That you have to swipe in from right to left…

Do you think they care? Of coarse they don’t. They’d like everything to be perfect for everyone of coarse because that makes them more money and even more people would love them.

BUT if you have a side to to pick on. If you wanted to insult and abuse a billion people and get away with it without sounding racist or classist or theist or any other kind of ‘ist’ pick on people who are left handed. Honestly fuck ’em. There’s no law anywhere in the world protecting them so it’s not as though you’re going to sound like Hitler or Donald Trump or anything is it?

You know there are still in this day and age people (other web designers) who still bother catering for users with IE6. What a bunch of numpties eh? But what these designers are doing is catering for as many people as they can.. Even though everyone (supposedly) who uses Windows instead of Linux is stupid – and if you’re still using IE6 it means you’re out of date, out of touch, old and stupid  They still cater for IE6 because it’s an inclusive market and possibly even an important market because for anyone that out of date it probably means they are catering for large businesses that simply can’t update because of corporate policy, vast cost, or dedicated software that is specifically written to work with IE6 and having it updated is either impractical or impossible.

Even though it’s wrong, unethical and possibly even illegal to use slang or other deragatory terminology to describe people of other races as niggers, coons or to use some other ‘Urban’ terminology such as spicks, whops, curly-wurly’s, nig-nogs, itai’s, argie bargies, pomms etc.. I think you get the idea by now…

But if you’re 20% of the planet that’s left handed? Fuck you. Apple think you’re scum and you can go on having everything upside down and you can go on having all the buttons in the wrong place. You and all the other left handed bastards out there can go and fuck yourselves – You have to – and you will – adapt to the right handed way of life.

Rebel scum.

No offence is intended to any race, creed or culture in this post (but if you’re left-handed like I am, welcome to this side of the brain.)



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