synologyQ. Absolutely stunning, the automatic software update of the Synology Diskstation that I received an email about, was applied on 17 December 2014 has now totally disabled ALL file access across my entire network.

I have shutdown and re-booted my Diskstation but I still I can’t access any of it’s files over the network. What gives? Here’s a copy of the email I received.

Dear user,
DSM 5.1-5021 will automatically be installed in 10 minutes. If you want to cancel the installation, please sign in to [machine name] and do it in the notification area.
Synology DiskStation

A. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Around 3 months ago Synology also released another “software update” that meant after around an hour of not being used the Diskstation would enter a ‘sleep mode’ from which it would never wake up thus disabling all network access to it’s files. It would take accessing it’s front-end via a web browser and rebooting the system to get things back and working again.

Now, yet again, Synology with release update DSM 5.1-5021 seem to have cocked it up even worse. In their wisdom Synology have decided that all Diskstations should automatically update their software whether you like it or not [citation needed]. This particular update screws everything up so badly that no network access to the files on your Diskstation is allowed at any time whatsoever whether you reboot the system or not.

If anyone from Synology should read this I would like to just make one thing very clear. This is a NAS drive OK? NAS meaning NETWORK ACCESS STORAGE. It would seem that the only thing it doesn’t do is provide Network Access Storage – It can do everything else – make the tea, host your WordPress websites etc…

If you use a Synology Diskstation for your company.

If you use a Synology Diskstation for the running of your company like I do. It is essential that you disable any automatic software updates

On a personal note I just have this to say and please excuse the language – I just wish they would stop fucking everything up. If it works just leave it!

The BIG question we’re all asking is “How long will it take them to realise just how much damage they’ve done and release yet another patch to fix all their other cock ups?”

Well I’m afraid your guess is as good as mine.

Best wishes



After having received quite a smarmy reply from┬áJames from the Technical Support Team to my question which provided no solution other than to mention everything was working at home for him – So I found the solution for myself.

This is what I did to fix the problem. It would seem that the NAS drive after having automatically downloaded the update doesn’t seem to check or validate the file integrity. Fortunately I could still communicate with my NAS drive through the web browser, so this is what I suggest you do. Then from a PC or Laptop go to the synology website and manually downloaded the update (In my case the filename was DSM_DS213j_5021.pat – the latest as of this post for my system) They have dropdown lists at the top of the page so you can select your exact model.

Then go to Control Panel > Update & Restore. Then on the DSM Update tab click on the Manual DSM Update button and browse to the path of the *.pat file you just downloaded. Click on OK.

The update process can take around 10 minutes. When it has finished just to be on the safe side – reboot your NAS drive system and you should be good to go!

Did this solution work for you? Has Synology broken your NAS drive yet again? Please leave a comment below to let me know!

Best Wishes