carpNew and dynamic company ‘Computer Repair And Purchasing.’ better known as C.R.A.P was established a long time ago. I bought an All-Zone travelcard to visit Mr. Rotten the 42yr old M.D. of CRAP and asked: “What were your inspirations?”

“Well” he said, “First I thought about that company called FCUK and how they had such a successful marketing campaign, you know they’ve done pretty well for themselves – so I thought I wanted to come up with an idea for a company that can be just as successful as that.”

“To be as sucessfull as FCUK” he continued “I realised that I needed to be able to get my marketing message across as effectively as I could – A sort of no frills; more direct approach to marketing. FCUK is all very well and that but you know, it’s a bit… well anyway… so I thought to myself what if I called my company CRAP?

I thought about being trendy and switching the letters around like FCUK do, but then I’d wind up with CARP, which for a computer repair company I think sends out the wrong message, you know people would think I was selling fish or something, so I thought I decided to stick with the more direct approach and just call it like it is, you know CRAP. We call a spade a spade here at CRAP.”

Of coarse every successful company does need a strap-line or a slogan, some sort of catch to hook the customer so maybe selling carp actually isn’t such a bad idea. You know just in case someone asked “Could I have a laptop repair and a carp please?” I could even try that extremely successful selling technique first used by McDonald’s “Certainly sir – would you like a carp with that?”

The future’s bright the future’s brown – CARP!

(Just in case anyone reading this hasn’t got it, this is actually a joke post, neither Caspian IT nor anyone with any common sense would take this post without a liberal pinch of salt, but just in case anyone tries to put salt and vinegar on their newly repaired laptop I just thought I’d mention it.)



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