I have found that this blog was getting a lot of hits for this page, so rather than just express myself at how annoying this error was I thought I would take a closer look at this problem to see if I could come up with a solution just for YOU to save you all the frustration of searching round the Net and not finding anything.


Yes indeed. In your search you will probably have come across this post by Adobe here that assumes we’re all stupid and walks through setting up a connection to an FTP server or Blog.

What Abode don’t seem to realise is there actually is a problem with their software and they’re just not listening to their users and think we’re all a bit thick.

I’ll show you screen shots of this bug in action and screen shots of it being worked around. These are strategies to bare in mind, you will need to adapt your input to the connection method you are using but I suspect the ‘work-around’ is the same for all connections (please leave a comment)

Firstly when you create a new ‘Connection’ you get this screen:

All fair enough so far so you click on ‘Next’
The above image is the screen where you enter the address of your website, so go ahead. Then click ‘Next’

This is the page where the fun begins. If there’s any sort of problem at all it’s going to happen here. For my case I’m running my own web server on my LAN (local area network) which might make it sound a lot easier to connect to, but believe me, Contribute CS4 wouldn’t connect over my LAN either!

If you see this screen:
Then know this. The URL that you use for your website needs to the root directory of your domain ie http://mydomain.com/ if you put something like http://mydomain.com/index.php or http://mydomain.com/default.htm you will have problems.
Also at this stage note that if you are running ColdFusion your .cfm file will take presidence over a .php file. I’m running both on my server and ran into this problem.

To fix this what I did was to cancel the ‘connection’ setup. Go to EDIT -> My Connections…
and delete any previous connections you have stored then EXIT Contribute CS4.

So to sum up for my fix. Delete any old/failed connections you may have stored, close and restart Contribute and you’re done.

When you create a new connection make sure you only enter your root URL and that you do not specify a page name after your URL – or you will have problems.

I was planning originally on making this post to review Contribute CS4, instead rather than just whine about how pants I think it is, it just seems to have turned into a debug session.

I think Adobe are great, they offer some truly superb pieces of software. I may not have fairly got around to reviewing it yet but so far I do not believe this is one of their master pieces.


*Original Post*
Can’t verify your connection, it can’t tell if there’s a connection there of not, invalid this, invalid that, blah, blah blah, can’t work, won’t work and simply doesn’t work.

If I have ever witnessed a damp squib then this program is it. I would love to tell you about all the wonderful features it has and how easy it is to use and what a great change to my life it has made – but I won’t.

Contribute seems like a really nice idea -and if it could actually connect to my server it might even be a nice bit of software to use – but who knows? I host my own WordPress sites on my own server – and when I say my own server I don’t mean my ISP’s server – I mean my own live webserver that is a part of my own local area network and live on the Internet. I am a computer hardware and software engineer a web designer and a video games programmer with 25 years experience in IT and could I get this stupid program to access files over my own local network?


If I want to update my website I literally drag files over to it over my LAN. I can communicate with my server in absolutely every way possible apart from when I was using Adobe Contribute CS4.

All I can honestly tell you about this program is:

Contribute cannot verify your connection Information.
Contribute cannot connect to the server.

Well done Adobe – every other piece of software can and in every way possible. Contribute is a stunningly unimpressive effort by Adobe, which is a shame because Adobe do have some great products out there.


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