Yes indeedy, in the search for ever more ‘hits’ to ones website one of the most important things that can happen to your site is to be indexed by Google. Just how quickly this happens can be a make or break situation especially if ones website is todays news!

When Google starts givin’ your website some lovin’ it can take a very short space time to get crawled indeed. In fact I was writing a post earlier today I then used the command ‘’ in the Google search bar only to see my post already there minutes later.

This page has been speciaifally created to see just how long it takes for this site to get crawled…

The time is now 21:10 on the 30/05/09 on your marks, get set, go…..

Oh man! That was fast! 21:30 and you know what? I was actually on the phone talking to a work friend Hans in Germany at the time I posted this so honestly it might even have been instant – It’s bonkers!

Well, now. I must say I’m excited. When I was starting learning how to get a high ranking in Google I used to have to wait about a month before I would see myself listed in the google index. Now I’ve got it down to a few minutes and I’ll explain how you can do it to.

Are you ready?


Yup you got it, it’s as simple as that. Don’t think just do it. What you want is a self hosted WordPress website that is not only completely FREE there are also tonnes of really easy features you can add called Plugins.

You might be an amazing Flash designer (I’ve spent years on Flash, you can have a look at a simple Flash version of this website if you want to, you can see it at if you want to.) If you’re going to publish on the web you need to dump your principles as an amazing and talented designer/programmer and just go with a php based server. Trust me, I was a video games programmer for 16 years going back to 1983 – Go with PHP and WordPress and just create as much quality content as you possibly can!

I host this website on my server at home. It’s on Windows 2003 server. I’ve configured it to host a number of websites – I’ve written a number of tutorials that you can follow if you would like to literally be able to set up your own Internet business from home.

Have a look at the articles and tutorials section. I go from building your own server, to installing the OS, configuring everything you need to host your own Domain controller and websites and installing IIS, PHP and setting up your DNS.

Have a browse around, or if you have a specific request for a tutorial just post your request in the comments section and I’ll see what I can do.

Sci-Fi Si


I just created another page which was quite amusing really. There’s a website called which offers the latest stats on the most popular pages on the Internet. It updates every 5 minutes so its pretty good for watching Internet ‘trends’. I found the very latest ‘Uber’ trend was a website about the final of Britain’s got Talent and Susan Boyle coming second, so I created a new post entitled:


You can read the post here which I suppose is an entire unsubtle aproach to see if I can ‘latch on to the latest trend’ and cash in on all the latest searches on the Internet.

From the second I’d finished my new WordPress post on Susan Boyle, it took 9 minutes before it was listed in Google – now that’s fast!

I do obviously hope not to upset my visitors by making them take part in a search engine optimisation and rapid listing experiment, but I hope at least I made them laugh a little; and anyway it’s all in the name of science.


While your here, you wouldn’t mind clicking on an Ad banner would you? Go son, you know you want to.

Many thanks.


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