Here is a serious case of the Devel block not working:

I’m having the same problem. If I enable the Devel module it does not get listed in ‘Blocks’ where I should be able to drag it from ‘disabled’ to one of my side bars.

I’ve even gone to the extent of removing all modules (except Devel)I have run update.php, flushed all caches, run cron and everything comes up clean – no errors whatsoever.

I go again into into modules where I have ONLY ‘core optional’, ‘core required’ and ‘Devel 6.x-1.18’(as of 30/09/09 the latest version) that’s all. I have unticked and saved configuration then re-ticked Devel and saved configuration and still nothing.

When I go into Blocks (In the Garland theme) I have:

Left Sidebar
User login

Powered by Drupal

Execute PHP
Primary Links
Secondary Links
Switch User
Who’s Online
Who’s New

And that’s it. There simply isn’t a ‘Development’ block listed. I have tried this with multiple themes and the Development block just simply isn’t there. How is it possible I’m missing something when the Devel module is the only one insalled? Everything I can think of has been checked and re-checked and still the Development block can not,does not, and just WILL NOT appear!

I am not excluding the fact that I’m probably working too many hours at the moment, but to completely eliminate every conceivable possibility I’m even happy to provide anyone from Devel a temporary URL to this site with the Admin Username/Password and I’m pretty sure they will have as little success as I’ve had.

Having now stripped everything down to it’s utter minimum all that is left for me to do now is to backup my site’s theme and start the whole site again from scratch – The only problem here is – what happens when/if this happens again?

Yup, that quote was made by me on the website. Seeing as I’ve only just posted it I haven’t had a reply yet, but to anyone else who’s experiencing a serious problem with their Devel block I would recommend double checking there are no conflicts with DHTML or the Administrator block – because you might be able to solve your problem. But if you’ve had about as much luck as I have in stripping your site down to absolutely nothing and still it doesn’t work, I would at this point suggest that the Devel module still had a serious bug problem.

Will keep you posted!


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