datacenter30th June 2009 – Google data centres are the key here. I’ve been working on SEO for this website for over a year now honing and tweaking and I’ve found that different browsers do indeed provide different search results in Google.

I’ve read some other pages on the Internet about this but I wasn’t entirely in agreement with some of the conclusions drawn.

I have noticed that using IE 8 I’ve got top position for my chosen ‘key words’ but using Safari, Fire Fox and Chrome I am getting varying results, one thing I did notice though, now that I’m getting crawled by Google on a regular basis (I’m listed in about 10 minutes after creating a post) that the results I was getting from Google were at least a day older using Safari and Firefox than they were when using IE. The only way this makes any sense is to assume that the search results being returned are coming from a different Google data centre.


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