At some points it’s just a matter of waiting for the rest of the World to catch up. So you want to display your CSS3 inside Flash using ActionScript 3 (AS3)?

Well I’m glad you’ve found this site because you’re not alone, one of the ironies of wanting to display CSS3 using a standards compliant style sheet as laid down by the consortium (the irony is that the W3C’s website is probably the most horribly laid out websites I’ve ever – it looks truly disgusting – but it is standards compliant!)

Wanting to code a stylesheet in CSS3 has a plethora of hurdles to overcome.

1. No one browser (as of 1st Sept 2009) supports all the CSS3 features.

2. CSS1 was developed in 1996 and CSS2 in 1998 – now 11 years later no one browser yet supports the full compliment of CSS3 features and at the rate it gets dribbled through the various different browsers by the time all browsers are CSS3 compliant I’ll probably be too old to even care.

3. Every organisation in the World wants to be a bit silly about this. This compliance with that, that standard with this standard blah blah blah. The best thing any programmer can do is to just ignore them all – the whole lot of ’em. And anyway who are they to dictate anything? Can they code?

My resolution is this. To write a CSS3 standards compliant interface that is written in ActionScript 3.0 for Flash 9. As far as the Abode market penetration stands at 98.8% for Flash 9 and Flash 10 at 86.7%.

These figures suggest that there are still 1.2% of people on the Internet who would be unable to view your stunningly amazing website. That’s right. Upgrading is completely free and only takes a few seconds, so if some people just can’t be bothered spend a few minutes of their time to install a free upgrade then I don’t see why I should spend hours of my time making everything compatible with total antiquation.

So how far along is this proposal?

Well if you haven’t yet come across this site on your journeys on the Interblob take a look at Tyler Larson’s Flash/Word Press blog here Tyler has managed to have a WordPress website displayed entirely inside a Flash renderer, It’s impressive stuff and nice to see that the world of programming still has some visionaries left in it that hasn’t yet had the life sucked out of it by soulless management

Tyler’s site smacks to me of where the Internet should be going, but a lot of companies wouldn’t like that at all, it would suddenly mean that Adobe would instantly have a completely standards compliant CSS3 platform that was identical across all browsers and it would have absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera etc…

It would be a bit of a World shaker.

I’ve got a few more sites to finish, but this is exactly the project I will complete.


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