Well, how frustrating is this!

I used to be able to access my Google Analytics page nice and easily by clicking on Account Settings – And a whole page of utilities would appear – all the Google tools I use all on one handy page.

More recently however I had to click on Account Settings – Then right at the bottom of the page was a link that said “Revert to older look” or something similar and from there I could bring up the old Google Tools page with the link to Google Analytics.

Now however ALL links to the Google Analytics and Google Tools page have GONE! Vanished! No longer there! Deleted, removed. I have spent the past hour desperately trying to find any links to my Analytics page but to no avail. Now in total frustration, the only thing I could think of doing was to write a post to ask if anyone in the entire World has any idea how I can access my Google Analytics page again?

Many, many thanks.


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