Problems with EA’s Origin Sign Up

Excited beyond belief wanting to get started with Dragon Age: Inquisition but can’t even get past the very first bug ridden Origin sign up screen? You’re not alone.

I was so excited to get Dragon Age Inquisition for the PS4 – I simply can’t wait to play it. The first thing after installing it however is you have to download and apply an update – that’s quite usual these days. That doesn’t mean it’s ok, it just means it’s quite usual.

The next thing however is you have to create a stupid EA Origin ID. I’ve put in my email, then a password BUT THEN no matter what I type in the Origin ID I get the error message “Origin ID already exists” – There’s absolutely no way that’s possible. I’m typing in random letters, numbers – you name it. The chances of there actually being a duplicate ID are in the trillions, there’s simply no way for me to get past this screen no matter what I do. Any ideas how I can get round this problem?

The solution

Create a username that is EXACTLY 16 LETTERS LONG. Also have letters that are upper case and lower case and also add numbers.

PS. If anyone from EA or Bioware is reading this, can we please have a user manual – how tight can you get!?

Did this solution work for you? Please let me know by leaving a comment below (just so I know I’m not the only one this solution worked for)

Best wishes