Dragon Age Inquisition: PS4


I am attempting to follow the ‘Way of the Rift Mage’

Waiting for me by the exit of my Skyhold castle right by the first portcullis is Commander Helaine. (I chose the character class of Mage). Now forgive me here because when I first spoke to this woman maybe I was tired, maybe I just wasn’t listening properly or just couldn’t hear what she was saying… BUT

Now when I talk to her she says: “Recruit. I await the completion of the first of your orders. Only then can you learn to command.”

Ok. Here’s the question that seems to cause a LOT of confusion and seems to turn any Google search into a blithering, totally random guessing game.


Where are these orders? How to I get to read these orders? Who has them? Where do I go? What do I do? What the fuck is going on??

Every single sodding time I click on the only logical question “Show me what’s involved.” and my character says “I’m ready to learn what you know.” the only reply is this.

“You have your instruction recruit. Return when you have completed your task.”

OK? What FUCKING instructions? What FUCKING task?

Where is this task?

How do I read about this task? Is it recorded in the Codex? Is it now a part of my Journal?

Where is it?

Where do I go?

What do I do?

How the FUCK do I actually DO any of this?


(If you’re having fun so far just carry on reading, it gets even better!)

Standing next to this Commander FUCKING Helaine (who needs a good bitch slap) is yet another equally irritating bitch who also needs a FUCKING good bitch slap, is called “Your Trainer.” So you go and talk to this patronising cow (who should be forced to sit on the wrong end of a pineapple) and yet again ask her the only question that has any meaning as to what the fuck is going on… “Show me how to begin.” and laboriously – yet again, my character asks  “Very well show me how this should go.” and amazingly… you know what what?

This stupid FUCKING patronising cow says: “You have already received the instruction and need to follow it very carefully or there will be consequences.”

OK. Yet again we seem to be stuck with the very same illuminating answer. An answer so vague that it would make make our best politician sound as though he were speaking hard cold fact and as patronising as… yup she needs another good hard bitch slap.

You have already received the instruction?

What instruction? Where can I see this instruction? Yet again, where do I go? What do I do? How? Where? When? What the FUCK IS GOING ON?

PLEASE, PLEASE give me some morsel of information, some slight hint of where to go and what to do and how to do it.

The Internet is fucking useless sometimes.