A wonderful tip I’ve just discovered for Dreamweaver users. I was finding that DW wasn’t uploading files. I would select the image I wanted uploading, then click on the ‘Upload’ button and either there was no error reported (so I would assume that everything was fine) Only to look on my server, open up the image only to find it was still the ‘old’ version and that Dreamweaver hadn’t uploaded it at all!

Other times I would get this ‘Synchronisation’ error box, would you still like to overwrite anyway? I would select either Yes or Yes to all – Surely that would work? But no….

The Fix.

Then I went into  Manage Sites > Servers. Select my Server and then under the advanced tab there is ‘Maintain Synchronization Information’ I don’t know why but I’ve always had that box ticked. It seems like a good thing to have. HOWEVER, now I unticked it and not only has that really annoying ‘Synchronization’ flipping message box disappeared, DreamWeaver actually uploads the images when I tell it to!

Sweet 🙂