I was trying to customise the User registration form. Having sucessfully customised the User login form I found whetever I tried the User registration form just wasn’t appearing

In the Devel block on the Admin pages I tried the ‘Rebuild Menus’ option, the trouble is now even my custom login form doesn’t appear when I try to login – what on Earth’s happened? How do I get my form back? How do I get the custom registration form working?

Ok. First things first. The ‘Rebuild Menus’ will clear out the theme registry. You might find that during development some of your forms and/or .tpl.php files are not kicking-in properly from your template.php file.


While developing your site you can or even should use the following option in the Devel Settings and make sure you tick the box right at the bottom that says ‘Rebuild the theme registry on every page load‘. It doesn’t take a much processor power and in fact is suprisingly quick.

This will  ensure during development of your site that your theme customisations are applied.


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