Well well, here we are again with the next Drupal error. Having just downloaded the Drupal 6.x module countries_api all I did then was to tick the box in the modules section to activate it.

Lo and behold here we have our next error sequence to resolve. I must say though that it is quite rare to be able t activate a Drupal module without regretting having ever been born! (lol)

I love Drupal but make no mistake it’s by no means smooth sailing…

Problems activating the countries_api module for Drupal 6.x
Problems activating the countries_api module for Drupal 6.x

It would appear from this that the simple answer is that the database field that defines the length of the column iso3 is simply not large enough. I’m going to have a look and get back to you in a jiffy…

So far I have just ignored this error. I was just trying to activate the Google Analytics module (along with charting, charting_api and system) It hasn’t caused me any problems so far, but it has yet to be seen if there are any real problems caused by this.

If you have any further information of the effect of this, please let me know in the comments.



After all that, I’ve now had a proper chance to look at Drupal’s ‘Google Analytics Module’ and I’ve decided to uninstall it…

My reasoning is that Google Analytics looks a lot nicer and has all the features, it also doesn’t require 5 modules to be installed namely:

Google Analytics
Google Analytics API

I’ll now just use the JavaScript code in my page.tpl.php file until something nicer comes along. I would however only like to call the stats for users that aren’t me because I call up my sites all the time when I’m developing them and so the reports would be very wonky indeed.


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