You can often find if you update your website’s Favicon that Firefox will keep displaying the cached out of date (old) favicon.ico and not fetch the new version that’s just been updated.

This can be quite frustrating as a web designer, especially if you’re trying to perfect every last pixel of your sites favicon. I’ve read all sorts of hit-and-miss aproaches to try and cajole Firefox (or any other browser) into clearing out the cached favicon and displaying the new updated one, including deleting history/cookies etc…

Really don’t bother, there’s a much better way of doing it. You don’t need to download any plugins or anything and the results are instantaneous.

I stumbled upon this one by accident and thought it worth making a post of. All you have to do is to visit the websites favicon.ico by typeing it’s URL in the address bar. So if you know that your favicon is located in your sites root directory, all you would have to type in the address bar is:

You might have to refresh the page, but it will do it for you – simple eh?



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