Mankind is now at the stage where from a single thought or thoughts one can express onesself on the Internet electronically and then from that is turns into an electronic sum of money in ones bank account. That money (or number) from an electronic account gets spent on food, or clothing, funiture or housing.

So from some spark of imagination, from a mere thought we are able to create for ourselves what we need. We literally are creating food for thought.  Humanity has progressed to this point but, we are still doomed to see repeat experiences, we will always face war and hunger, we will suffer from the effects of our greed until we finally learn.

Mankind must move on. Get over yourself humanity for goodness sake.

We’re only sitting here on a ball in space with the vastness of space stretching out to, well, not only further than the eye could possibly see but actually further that we can possibly even imagine.

We are sitting here on Earth facing the Void.

It’s a journey into the unknown. We are a species holding on the the only thinks that we know. That surround us. Measuring things, holding onto things. Trying to clutch onto what we can feel a tangible, measurable and solid.

We are not only just ourselves as individuals. We are also the whole species. Humanity for some, like a child growing up wanting toys and reassureance. Knowing that security and comfort are there right at hand. For others a nightmare on the edge of the prescepis, starving, suffering and in pain.

For most people at least at some stage in their lives they have to face the void. It might be in a dream and take on many forms. It might be purely through intellect where one reaches the edge of one’s understanding. Where knowledge stops and comprehension ceases. This realisation is however primarilly spiritual. It will normally represent itself in a vivid dream. This realisation is the step the Almighty wants us to take if we are to develop our faith or progress in our understanding.

The Way of Faith

There are some who say that life repeats itself every seven years and I would agree and say that these experiences that we face, the challenges that we meet everyday will come round again, and keep coming round until we finally learn.

Humanity is a little like training a puppy. You repeat and repeat the trick, giving small chocolates


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