I’m running Drupal 6.14 I just updated it a couple of days ago and after running Cron, In my status report I can see that GD Library is listed twice.

GD Library is listed twice
GD Library is listed twice

Seeing as I’ve been trying to get imagecache working for days I’m looking at every conceiveable possibility as to why it’s still not working.

I’ve updated to the latest version of PHP 5.2.11, I’ve checked that the imagecache is fully writable, I’ve put a tmp directory in my Drupal root directory and made certain that’s writable as well.

Now I’ve noticed that GD library is listed twice – as I wish to eliminate every possibility I would like to correct this matter (assuming that it might just be an issue). I have just visited Drupal.org in a search for an answer but it would seem that no one has yet come up with a solution.

Will keep you updated.


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