google-analytics-check-statusIt has confirmed that my tracking code has installed successfully.

Even after one and a half years I’m still seeing the message “waiting for data” and I’m starting to suspect that the code is not actually working. (It’s not as though I haven’t been patient!). The thing is because I’m using WordPress and the Ultimate GA plugin for WordPress it just can’t be that I have inadvertently copied the wrong code onto my pages because there would be millions of bloggers complaining, what could be wrong?

Google Analytics - Waiting for data
Google Analytics - Waiting for data

This is not the first time I’ve received this message when I’ve set up a website, but the long and short of it does seem to be a Google problem. One thing I’ve noticed with all the sites I’ve setup is that if your site is actually in the Google search index then it is most likely that your Google Analytics code will also work.

I have had a site that was neither listed by Google, nor was the Analytics tracking working. Another thing worth mentioning here is that if ‘GoogleBot’ has not found your site it might be because your site was offline when GoogleBot was trying to crawl it.

Hopefully to breathe some life into your site it might be worth manually adding your site to some other search engines and start placing some well chosen links to your homepage.

Also you will only ever see the ‘waiting for data’ once Google has confirmed that your tracking code has indeed been successfully installed.


analytics-okAnd a few hours later hey presto!
N.B. I think it might help if you get some people you know to visit your site to help it along, but after only a few hours Google Analytics started recording data.


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