For goodness sake it gets irritating. Having the message “Google blocked a less secure app from accessing your account.” would seem like a security warning that needs immediate paying attention to do?

Having a message saying that IP address xx.xx.xx.xx tried to sign in to your Google account really doesn’t help at all.

Having a list saying:

Windows or,

Machine name, and then


How the blazes does that help in any way at all? Google – PLEASE THINK. I need the MAC (Machine access code). You see that way I can know exactly device is trying to log in. I have over a dozen devices at home connected to the Internet – at least! You see that way I can start the diagnostic process, but no. Google in this case are as bad as Microsoft’s error reporting: “Something, somewhere did something and now it isn’t working – We’re not sure what isn’t or how it happened, but we thought we’d just let you know with one of the World’s most irritating error messages.”

Looking through Google’s help topics is like being forced to read the whole of Tolstoy’s War and Peace and then finding nothing and attempting to actually contact a human being at Google is like trying to find a swimming pool in the Atacama Desert.

Thanks for nothing.