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This article is a review of the GCD or Google Cash Detective. Using my IT skills I aim to uncover the truth behind Chris Carpenter’s online money making system. Is Google Cash a scam? Is Chris Carpenter a crook or a straight up decent and honest guy?

If you’ve got it? If you’ve managed to find this page you’ve done pretty well. Especially if this is the first page of this website you’ve seen and it’s probably because you did a Google search for “Chris Carpenter & Jeremy Wilson”.

So you’re finally putting two and two together.

Mr. Carpenter comes across and a guy with a ‘surfer dude’ accent, not too intelligent and one could be forgiven for thinking that ‘if he can make money from AdWords then anybody can’.

DON’T be fooled. The whole series of Google Cash Detective video’s are designed to take money from you, you think you’re smart and you think you understand?

I sincerely don’t want to point a finger of accusation and so I won’t. I’m merely pointing out what I have learned. I’ve been in the IT industry for over 25 years and I have a jolly good understanding of how the Internet works.

Do I doubt that Chris Carpenter is earning over $100,000 a month? No I don’t doubt that for a second. Do I think the vast majority of his income comes from being an affiliate? No I don’t. I believe his income comes from selling the Google Cash System. In fact I’m damn sure the majority of his income comes from selling his system. It’s a bit like buying into the whole Californian Gold Rush scam that cost so many people their lives.

What I really want to know (as I’m sure everyone wants to know) is can a living be made from just being an honest Affiliate? That I really can’t say. I’m new to the game and I’m studying marketing every day and really hope to become a master of it one day. 

You get given the whole shpeal on how to market a successful product, which is one thing you do learn how to do on this course.

However watch-out!

First you pay the $1 to sign up, then after 11 long videos that take hours, Chris finally shows you that you need this ‘free’ (it actually turns out later that he has made a simple ‘mistake’ and the product Affiliate Espionage which you buy from another site costs $10.00 (about £6 ish pounds)

Firstly let me tell you briefly who I am. I was a video games programmer and I started programming in the early days of the Commodore 64. I would program in machine code and have had several number one hits with my games at the top of the game charts. Companies have sold nearly 5 million copies of my games which include Crazy Comets, Mega Apocalypse, Back to the Future III, Robocop III (co-written with Grant Harrison) and Samantha Fox Strip – lol

Those of you who remember the Commodore 64 and the days of my friend Rob Hubbard will know me and will need no further explanation as to my technical background.

The reason I left the games industry was because I was fed up after 16 years of constantly getting ripped of by these huge software publishers and never receiving a single royalty payment – EVER! I left the games industry older and wiser and utterly disgusted with how corrupt the whole industry was (and still is from what I hear).

I moved into learning about how to build and repair computers and installing computer networks which is what is still do today. Building computers is like a child playing with Lego, it really isn’t rocket science. I worked for a couple of companies as an engineer, but then left and worked with two salesmen designing websites for them in 2001.

It was fun working with them, but all good things come to an end. In 2002 I set up my own computer company. I stayed the path for 4 years, but found myself steering in a spiritual direction.

I walked away from my own company in Brighton and moved to Croydon which is just a bit south of London . In 2008 I set up a Caspian IT which is where you are now. (Established on 25th 2008. November)

I am now not programming for fun so much as I would like, but every day I am constantly learning more about computer security and networks and ‘Listen to GoogleCash 4 (GC4) – Starring ‘Chris Crapenter’ a likable sort of person but I suspect really, really, in on their multilevel marketing system.

To go through the various stages of the Chris Carpenter GCDetective, you will need to spend $1, which is not much but is tells those who do sign up 2 important bits on information.

#1. [Anyone who is] .. Wanting to learn how to make money online [quickly] and [easily]
#2. That to learn about marketing you must be willing to spend $1 for learning his system.

So far what this means to Chris is that you would love to have more money, you’re prepared to spend money learning his secrets. The video training continues for hours. After another 5 or 6 videos another bombshell is mentioned -a program called ‘Affiliate Espoinate’.

So it’s off to another website where Chris’s mate, Jeremy Wilson how will sell you a copy of Affiliate Espionage for the price of ($9.95) of which Chris is an affiliate.

I have not yet made up my mind about this whole thing, but then you never know unless you try. Have a click on the banner below and give it a try yourself. The whole experience will only cost you $1 (60 pence UK) so it’s not exactly going to break the bank. When I signed up I was absolutely dead suspicious – and I still am. However I’m learning every day and putting what I have learnt into practice. I am doing everything I can to learn how to make a living from the Internet. For my own personal sanity, and for the sake of my immortal soul, I will not lie, cheat, steal or otherwise use shoddy or underhanded tactics to make a sale. If an honest living cannot be made from the Internet then I simply don’t want to know.

Below is MY link to the Google Cash System which I would like you to click on and form your own opinion. Keep your eyes wide open on this and learn as fast as you can. There’s a lot of material to get through and from what I’ve found out so far I don’t see why these strategies shouldn’t work, but then again I’m a deeply suspicious person. Please report back and let me know your thoughts on this.

All the best, and good luck

Simon Nicol

Click Here to learn about the Google Cash Detective!


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