There’s a great little Google tool that doesn’t actually work…


In order to avoid penalties for duplicate content (even though you have only one copy of each post) Google will see and as two completely separate domains.

To get round the problem, simply goto Google webmaster tools and select:

Dashboard > > Site Configuration > Settings. From there goto the ‘Preferred domain settings’

This should work for you, but as you can see for me I get this error (the logic goes something like this)

Error! We need to verify your domain!
Error! We need to verify your domain!

Error! We need to verify our domain! We can’t verify your domain because it’s already been verified – we therefore can not initiate the verification initiation process! Error! Logic error… pzittt. fzzzz… Error. we need to verify… I’m sorry Dave I’m afraid I can’t do that… cannot verify… pziiit – BOOM!

Ah the good ol’ process of logic.



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