I'll have one of those please... thank's very much

CoolIT Announces GPU Cooling for AMD’s Radeon HD 5000 Series

Enables more performance from the latest 40nm, DirectX 11 GPUs – Yay!

Oooh! I like mucho! Now that the new 40nm technology is becoming more established, the benefits are more than just running faster and cooler and requiring less power, but with one of these cooling solutions strapped on to the side of your brand spanking new dual Radeon HD 5000 graphics cards (which run Direct X 11 – another oooh!) Your super speedy new system will not only be running very quickly it will also be very cool indeed.

For those of you who love overclocking their systems – without going to the utter extream of super cooling your system with liquid nitrogen, this little puppy from CoolIT systems will do the job of cooling your over-clocked twin graphics cards nicely.

Not only does it look as cool as it performs it’s compatible with ATI’s Radeon 5870 this flixible cooling system is also designed to be compatible with future graphics card specifications.

Not that I know the man, but CoolIT Systems M.D (CEO) Geoff Lyon said this:

“Since starting our work with AMD several years ago, one of the challenges has been the fast succession of technology advances. By working hard to develop a solution that can keep up to the pace of technology advancement as well as providing the end user the flexibility to upgrade their cards while keeping the cooling system intact, we feel that this is a winning combination. The solution showcases an ultra reliable, brazed heat exchanger to ensure that it will provide excellent performance for years to come.”

There, well said Geoff, mind if I have one? And a couple of those Direct X 11 thingys?

Geoff then went on to say…

“I think the implementation of the universal design has addressed the need for performance cooling in the GPU space with the added benefit of upgradeability.” said Dr. Gamal Refai-Ahmed, AMD Fellow and lead thermal architect, AMD Graphics Product Group. “Using the liquid system has a tremendous cooling advantage over traditional air cooling allowing our enthusiast community to push the limits of our latest architecture.”

Good for you. I’m lovin’ it.



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