googlecontactnumbersIf you’re like me there’s probably a number of good reasons why you might want to talk to someone at Google.

It’s probably either because of your AdSense account or because they have decided to give you a rubbish page rank. For me it’s both reasons.

I set up an AdSense account over a year ago, but then to promote my website I was probably looking at £50 per month which I just wasn’t prepaired to spend on advertising and since then I have been receiving a number of £30 and £50 vouchers to use with AdSense – but guess what?

Because I  set my account up more  than 14 days ago (ie. over a year ago) the one time I decided to actually use AdSence it told me “Your account is more than 14 days old and this voucher is not valid…” Great! So now I will never be able to use any voucher to start using AdSence campaign – It’s like trying to book Michael Jackson for a gig – It’s just too late and there’s nothing you can do about it.

I have tried to find a phone number for Google, but that’s like trying to find out what this weeks lottery numbers are, It’s very frustrating. I have hidden their contact details inside an image for you so the text won’t show up in a search:


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