Google has a great email service for a number of reasons. GMail is easy to use, has great spam filtering, is almost completely maintenance free and is (in my opinion) the best email service there is. Not only that but you can access your email’s from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Not only that, but if you can have up to 50 email addresses – completely free – beat that!

Not only is GMail respected for it’s functionality throught the world, but did you also know that you can even use your own domain name for sending and receiving emails?

The service is called Google Apps and here I’ll show you how to configure GMail services for your own domain. Some bits in this article are a bit technical, but i’ll do my best to walk you through the setup.

If you have more that 50 users you will need to go for the premiere edition, but for less that 50 people the Standard Edition is highly recommended.

To set up your account, firstly go here

Google has some very easy steps to follow, but for some reason basic information like how to access your Google Apps email if you’ve forgotten the URL is actually tough to find, so I’ve included it here:


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