You should be recording almost everything you say and everything you do. If you cook dinner for the kids – Take in a video camera and film yourself making your favourite recipe, have a banner to Sainsbury’s where your visitor can buy what they need. Got a favorite wine and a special recomended drinking acompaniment? Have a link to where it can be bought.

Advertise and sell. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours.

Write cooking recepies and sell them for £1.00 or so (market research). Have a .pdf download, or have video that they can watch. Create mailing lists. The golden rule is create. Create, create, create. Get it out there. Need a terrabyte of hard disk storage so that you have enough room to store all this imformation? No problem you can buy a terrabyte drive here They have a 1Tb hard drive for £60.86 ex VAT (as of 7th Apr ’09).

To be a media mogul you just need the attention of the people of this World. Susan Boyle is an example of this. Inside one week of her appearing on Britain’s got Talent she had been watched by over 60 * 10^6 people. That’s a lot of people to know who you are inside 7 days.

Few people have managed to achieve that level of marketing. Even those who have been in the business their whole lives. 


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