google-analyticsWe’ve all done it. Install the analytics code, then checkĀ  online for days to see if the code is working correctly or not.

An alternative is to goto which will scan your site for you. Requests to scan your site are not immediate and can take some time, so even though this resource is still free it is by no means the be all and end all of your Google Analytics woes.

WASP is an alternative method, aimed at web analytics professionals – which I’ve decided to install now as I didn’t want to wait for the response from SiteScan – A plugin for Firefox, the free version will scan 20 pages of your website (not really very much) but then the project is shareware, so I’m sure for a small fee that limitation could be removed. The important thing is it gives good results and it’s easy to use.

Many thanks to Katrina Gallagher post for these tips.


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