gravatarIf you want to stand out from the crowd (by joining in with what everyone else is doing) you might want to set up a Gravatar. But what is a Gravatar I hear you ask?

A Gravatar or ‘Globally Recognised Avatar’ is an image/icon that will appear next to a comment you might make on a Gravatar enabled website (such as this one).

How do I set up a Gravatar?

1. Simply visit and put in a valid email address. When you check your email you just need to click on the link they send you.

Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed (nickname issue)
Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed (nickname issue)

When you see the text “Your nickname will be permanent, choose wisely.” Don’t actually worry! This is fortunately NOT your visible nickname otherwise with just lowercase letters and numbers the choices really would be rather dull.

It took me about 5 goes to get the name I wanted – which is why I decided to write this post just to let people know not to worry about it.

The name that appears next to your gravatar is whatever you type into the blog you’re visiting.

2. Upload an image, has a crop tool so don’t worry about having to resize your photo or image before hand.

3. That’s it. There’s nothing else to do. Now whenever you comment on a gravatar enabled blog (using the same email address you used to sign up to your image will appear next to your post.

What’s the best size image to use?

The maximum size of a gravatar when displayed on blogs is 80  x 80 pixels. You can use Google Images to search for an image or just use a photo of yourself.


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