I have a Samsung Xpress SL-M2070W Laser Printer. It’s a super little printer and extremely easy to set up if you’re a computer expert like me. It’s also nice and easy to set up the drivers (if you have the original CD) and a living hell if you don’t.

If you simply want to change the Host Name of your printer as quickly as possible and don’t want to read this brief rant about the total inadequacy of Samsung’s website please feel free to do so by going to How to Change the Hostname.

Currently the Hostname of my M2070 is SEC30CDA7217B77 – nice and catchy don’t you think. I mistakenly thought I could change the name to something a bit more useful through the ‘SyncThru Web’ interface. I clicked everywhere and couldn’t find how it was done. Before giving up I thought I’d Google to see if there was a solution on Samsung’s website.

I did a search for “how to change the host name of samsung m2070 printer” and you can clearly see the results below:


Not exactly what I’m after but sounds like the right place to go. However clicking on the above link redirects to a generic search page that pretends to be useful but is in fact an utter waste of time and effort. Samsung’s site search facility couldn’t even find the word ‘hostname’ only coming back with errors. So that’s Samsung’s software web interface being utterly useless and their website equally useless.

I actually found out how to change the Host Name myself and it is extremely easy. Now I’ve got my little rant out of the way we can now proceed to…

How to Change the Hostname.

For Windows machines (I’m using Windows 8.1) simply bring up the Control Panel. As you look down the list of icons you’ll find ‘Printers’ listed under ‘D’ (another work of genius there by Microsoft) for ‘Devices and Printers’ – Double click this icon and you’ll see a list of devices and printers. Mind you can see below under the catchy name sec30cda7217b77.


Double click on your printer icon and now you’ll see something like this.


You’ll now see something like this, only next to the silly name you can now delete it and replace it with a name that’s a little easier to remember like ‘printer’ or something. When you’re done just click OK and you’re ready to go.


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