If you’re a serious web designer, by now you’ll have most probably heard of Firebug, it’s one of the best weapons in a web designers arsenal that’s why as a web designer working with CSS the only real option is FireFox and then spend ages patching it up to look good in Internet Explorer.

Or is it?

Using Firebug with FireFox is stunning and speeds up the CSS/template building process no end.

If you’re like me you’ll have exactly the same problems as I do, when it comes to overcoming the lack of standards used by Internet Explorer which can really make a page look quite horrible, you have also probably typed into Google at some stage ‘firebug for IE’ and have found your way to the FireBug Lite page.

The problem here with IE and FireBug Lite is that it really is a ‘lite’ version and unfortunately doesn’t provide anywhere near the flexibility for editing CSS as FireFox does and so tracking down CSS ‘errors’ is still an arduous process.

But wait!

If Muhammad won’t go to the mountain, then the Mountain will come to Muhammad! Did you know that the truly cunning way around this problem is that FireFox can emulate IE?!

That’s right folks!

With this plugin for FireFox you can actually emulate Internet Explorer with all of it’s horrible styling errors within FireFox! Not only that, it emulates IE so well that you can actually do a Windows update to!

Is this the solution to all our CSS woes for IE?

Unfortunately not. I was hopeing that I would be able to use FireBug in IE emulation mode, but alas it doesn’t work, I have sent the author an email adding it to the wishlist – I was getting really excited for a moment thinking I had found the solution to all my CSS woes, looks like I’ll have to find those IE fixes from somewhere else. If you’re an IE CSS wizzard or have any suggestions on how to make fixes for IE I would be very glad to hear your opinion.

Download the plugin here:

Please leave me a comment to let me know your thoughts.



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