Are you actually going mad or is it that you just can’t find the HTTP Redirect icon on the website folder in IIS7?

This is another classic Windows 2008/Vista/7 – gotcha. Just like ‘wireless’ networking not being installed by default, you will also find that HTTP Redirect is also not installed by default.

Indeed, take a minute to think about that one. IIS7 does not have HTTP redirect installed by default. What on Earth were they thinking? It’s like saying that certain keys on your keyboard don’t work by default.

Anyway… Here’s how to get around the problem for Windows Server 2008.

Server Manager > Roles > Web Server (IIS). Now in the window on the far right locate Add Role, expand the branch for Common HTTP Features and select HTTP Redirection.

Click Next, Click Install.

You’re done. Or at least you should be however I found that the icon still wasn’t there and had to reboot my Server – Now when you click on your website you’ll see the HTTP Redirect icon.



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