A valid question. It’s perfectly legal to jailbreak your iPhone – You bought it, so what you do with it is entirely up to you. As similar as Apple are to Microsoft – who would have you believe that they not only own all the software on your computer, they also own your computer as well.

One thing to remember though is that your contract with your service provider still needs to be fulfilled – If you’re in the USA it will be with AT&T or in the UK with O2. However once the term of your contract with them is up there’s absolutely nothing to stop you Jailbreaking away.

My contract runs out with O2 later this month and I have absolutely every intention of Jailbreaking like the best of them. First though is to take a complete backup of your phone (un-Jailbroken) so that should you have to take your phone back to Apple you should restore your phone first to it’s original state as a Jailbroken iPhone will deffinately viod your warrantee with Apple.

The steps you need to take to Jail breakyour iPhone are as follows – I’m just about to Jailbreak mine so here’s what I’ve managed to find so far:

I’m using an iPhone 3G with 8GB RAM.


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