Those of you old enough to remember me from the days when I was a full time video games programmer (the days of the C-64, Mega Apocalypse and Crazy Comets etc…) have no doubt heard that I got quite sick of the video games industry for a number of reasons I won’t go into here (don’t ask my friend Rob Hubbard what he thinks about the games industry either!).

Anyway today it was nice to see a young man, as yet unjaded, by the poison that faces him in the outside world who’s enthusiasm and creativity have inspired me to write this post. His name in Johnny Chung Lee, and I like him.

Johnny is currently studying for his PhD and has made a number videos demonstrating some of his very creative ideas. I’ve embedded one of them for you here but suggest you visit his site and take a look at some of the stuff he’s doing.

If any of you think I have left the programming/games area for good, let me assure you that I haven’t. I have merely been diversifying my skillset and am planning some really fun projects for 2010 – which I intend to develop and release myself. Anyway, take a look at what Johnny’s up to and then check out his website.

This is 3D without the need for polarised glasses or sitting a fixed distance from the display.

This is a ‘Minority Report’ style control system.

Good for you Johnny,



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