In this 27 minute video Joost offers some very good advice on how to optimise your WordPress blog

In the salient points of this video, Joost suggests the following plugins to use to help increase traffic to your website:

WP-Smu-shit, sorry that sould be (pronounced Smuch IT) Which will automatically compress your images before you upload them to your server.

If you already have a blog with lots of images, this PunyPNG website will reduce the image size even further. Remember that Google will be taking website optimisation as a criteria for search placement into account as of the start of 2010. (Next month – Yikes!) So it would be best to get down to optimising your blog straight away!

One thing Joost doesn’t mention is that there is an online web page speed test website. It’s free to use and it will highlight the bottlenecks and optimisations you can do to make your blog or website super speedy.

You can read my post on how to optimise your IIS6/7 server for maximum performance here.

Joost de Valk – SEO improvements for WordPress from Vileo on Vimeo.


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