JQuery Tutorials
JQuery Tutorials

Should I learn JQuery? – Yes!

Is it hard to learn – No it’s really, really easy.

Why should I learn JQuery? – Because it’s the right move.

Having spent every day for years and years learning about designing web pages, for some reason I never got round to learning JQuery. I think the reason for this was apart from being too busy learning other stuff, I thought I would first have to learn JavaScript and then learn all sorts or other things that would take me ages and it was also just more work than it was worth.

Not so.

Learning JQuery is an absolute doddle. The time you spend (which will literally be a few minutes) to get the basics will save you a lot of time and trouble and seriously enhance your ability to dynamically manipulate web page layout.

You can change any CSS element, do tonnes of animation (in case they don’t have Flash installed) and honestly it really isn’t hard to learn, so go on, do yourself a favour and start right now – you’ll love it!

These articles by Jeffrey Way are the place to start:


Many thanks for your inspiration Jeffrey.


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