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① Model Number (or Name) : LG 42LN575V
② Location of Occurrence (LG Smart World website, LG Smart TV, etc) : TV
③ Time of Occurrence : Intermittent
④ The ID Signed in at the Time of Occurrence : [email protected]
⑤ The MAC Address or ESN Number : 10:08:c1:5B:FD:89
⑥ Internet Connection Type (Wired/Wireless) and Use of a Router : Wireless
⑦ Details of the Occurred Problem :

There are so many bugs in the code for your TV I don’t know where to begin. I have the very latest software update these are some of the problems:

Your search facility is bugged, sometimes the settings button doesn’t work. Sometimes listing lots of movies the cursor [highlighted box] jumps to the top of the screen and is unusable. Sometimes your TV completely locks up and only disconnecting the power fixes it.
Your wireless network connection is extremely unstable and during the course of watching just 1 film the connection will have to be re-established a number of times.

And that’s just the bugs in the OS. Do you think you will be looking at the programming again carefully and releasing a new / improved / fixed version?

Would you like me to program this for you?

I’m only trying to make your system better than it currently is.
Best wishes

Simon Nicol


Dear Nicol Simon

We have had no one else complain about this which suggest the problem is internal or network related, service or films freezing would mean the speed for the internet connection may not be high enough, please can you perform a speed test via the built in browser to confirm the speed the unit is actually getting?

Also make sure the router has no caps to the amount of devices connected and make sure the router is within a good distance.

Kind regards and thanks

Help desk

Thanks for your reply. I’m sorry to have to point out but you seem not to be understanding the issues that are actually going on.

Firstly I’d like to quickly explain my qualifications:

I am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – This means I’m knowledgeable about computer networks. I have installed computer networks and security in places like Shoreham Airport. I have been a network engineer for over 11 years.

I have been a video games programmer for over 17 years, I have won arcade game of the year and other accolades over the years – This means I’m very good at programming.

What this all means is that you are not just talking to any old person off the street.


Let’s quickly go over these questions again:

You say “We have had no one else complain about this which suggest the problem is internal or network related”

If you Google “lg wireless connection problem” that there are 100,000’s of results. In one of the forums they were told exactly what you just told me that …no one else complain about this. Yes the are, that many people complaining.

The films are not being streamed over the internet, they are on my local network. OK? Internet speed is not an issue. No other laptop, computer or server looses the wireless connection. It is important that you understand this.

Everything; absolutely everything else is fine it’s just your LG 42LN575 that is loosing the connection. The signal strength is maximum. It is NOT my fault it is yours – please listen. Your TV has many, many bugs in it’s programming. OK?

Everyone else has the same problem. EVERYONE.

Most of your customers aren’t clever enough to use the features of your TV. They have a cable box, with wires and plugs. I on the other hand do know what I’m doing and I’m pointing out there are many bugs.

Please read this properly. Then read it again until you understand what I’m saying. I don’t mean to be rude and I’m not being. If you give me another silly response I will have to go over your head to your boss. And if he doesn’t respond properly I will go over his head. Until I get an acknowledgement that your software is bugged.

Your TV sometimes crashes. This is a programming problem. It is NOT MY FAULT!!!

Sometimes your TV needs to be unplugged from the power and plugged back in again! This is another problem with your programming. THIS IS NOT MY FAULT!!

How much more clear can I make it.??

Please forward this to anyone else on your team that isn’t you because you clearly haven’t got a clue.

Yours truthfully.

Simon Nicol. BSc, M.C.S.E

P.S. Both my questions and your replies are being posted to my website which receives over 6,000 visitors per month. Just sayin’