Well this is interesting. I wrote an article about Linkshare yesterday. I was investigating what other people thought and to see if anyone else had had their fingers burnt.

You can read my original article here http://caspianit.co.uk/linkshare-scam. The article did manage to raise a few eyebrows. It had a good listing in Google (I get crawled by Google now about 10 minutes after posting an article) and a number of people read it and took note of what I was saying.

But guess what?

I received an email from Darren Newmark from Linkshare.com who kindly offered if he could help to straighten the matter out. He explained to me that it is not Linkshare’s fault but he did admit that some advertisers do not pay their affiliates for promoting their products.

Mr. Newmark further explained that advertisers who do not pay their affiliates are immediately struck-off and banned from using Linkshare.

Fair enough.

However something I would like to point out is that my original article has not only lost it’s original position in the Google index – It has been completely removed! Vanished without a trace.

Yup, you got it ladies and gentlemen – inside 24 hours my post has been completely removed from Google! Now I ask, who is it that can do that? To have a listing removed from Google when most of us (including myself) couldn’t get Google on the other end of a telephone for love nor money.

I would love to say my suspicions have been completely way-layed but I just can’t. Something smells a bit here and if I manage to learn more I will post my findings here.

The plot thickens.


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