This is the first time I’ve had to return anything to Littlewoods so I had no idea what a gamble I was taking with each purchase relying on their customer service. The horrible man I was put through to was arrogant, sarcastic, cocky and just plain rude.

As far as their electrical range of products; computers, laptops, monitors and the like they are not only far more expensive than the average retailer. They also sell out-of-date and discontinued lines. This might be fair enough as they offer credit terms that aren’t completely unreasonable. However the true test of a companies metal is how they deal with a situation when things go wrong – The returns department.

The company they entrusted to deliver an expensive electrical item was Yodel. ‘Your friend and mine’ When it finally arrived a day late it looked as though it had just had the living daylights beaten out of it. Calling Littlewoods to complain, I would expect a certain level of customer care, maybe an apology or replacement – Not be put through to some smarmy, patronising git. (You score -10 fuck wit.)

This is my original review of the ASUS VG248QE monitor that the minions at Littlewoods blocked from being published (perhaps unsurprisingly as I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate any negative feedback being published on their site.)

ASUS VG248QE Review

Lovely crisp image, good resolution.

Product was delivered by Yodel a day late. I got one of those ‘We called but you were out’. I was promissed the delivery driver would text me before delivering the parcel (which needless to say never happened). Waiting in yet again the next day when the packaged monitor did arrive it looked as though one of its corners had been bashed.

Inside box looked ok. Plugged monitor in (lovely display) after a few minutes went into power saving? Tried switching on – nope completely dead. Littlewoods were informed prior to me even opening the box as to it’s condition and again immediately following. I was informed by a very rude man. They will ‘consider’ refunding my money but there is no guarantee, nor is there any guarantee the monitor will be replaced with a new one as opposed to a ‘referb’. If they actually do provide me with a ‘referb’ – under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (2014) they would be breaking the law.

Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014 states that:

You should get a refund within 14 days of cancelling goods or services online or within 14 days of returning the goods to the retailer.

Now lets see how good their customer service really is and if they even allow this comment to be published.

Please know that the email address [email protected] is no longer responded to. This is the reply I got:

Thanks for getting in touch with Littlewoods, unfortunately this email address is no longer available for Customer Service queries.

We want you to have the quickest and most efficient service, so please give us a call on 0344 822 8000 and one of our Customer Services Team will help with our query. They are available 7am to 11pm, 7 days a week.

So I called them and after waiting on HOLD for exactly 30 minutes they cleared the line (disconnected). So I called back – and yet again after exactly 30 minutes they disconnected the call.

Littlewoods really have to pick their boots up. Not only are they selling overpriced, out of date computer equiptment, their returns policy and level of staff training are an absolute disgrace.

If you’re looking for a resolution with a Littlewoods product, s-kelly had this to say:

My best advise to anyone dealing with [Littlewoods] is to call their centre, give them a chance, if they don’t fix it, head straight to the shop direct executive team, if they don’t respond promptly as they didn’t with me, go higher up and email the CEO, don’t get me wrong – in no way do I think it was he who processed my email most likly an admin, but I got a response.

Have any problems with Littlewoods yourself?

Leave a comment below. Maybe we can determine whether they are just providing poor customer service or actually breaking the law…