Yes it’s all very well listening to words of encouragement and dozens of self-help mp3’s

I almost put mp’s instead of mp3’s, yup you got it, why not download an MP? The humble firewall transforms into our very own MP. Effectively representing you and your needs 24 hours a day. Very different from today’s MP. Your own Firewall MP application will not only protect you from unwanted Intruders, it will also know your human rights and well as your liberties. The Firewall MP is out to look after your best interests 24 hours a day. Your computer wants to get to know you intimately, where you spend your finances, what any TAX rebates are. Your rights, your CV. If you’re out of work it will automatically talk to Govenrment computers and establish Job seekers allowance. It will communicate with other computers on your behalf. Each person will have their own domain name. The domain name will be hosted on each persons personal computer. Your computer will handle it’s own email for you. This means there is no, or as little information about you on other computers.

The personal computer with Firewall MP/Doctor/Advisor/Consultant. Our power is on the Internet. Having information about ourselves on other machines who’s information we do not control.

IF Information is power. Then it’s important to know who’s hands your information is in. This is where the war will begin. It is the defence of our digital selves. The choices and rules of how and who we connect with, which could be any other person, or all other people in the world.

We. EACH of us should be in control of the ebb and flo of this information.

Please read: How is this done?


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