Some very handy gems of information are passed on by Matt Cutts of Google in this interview with WebProNews in Vegas and what we can expect from Google SEO in 2010.


Matt Cutts suggests in this interview that Google will quite possibly be considering ‘site speed’ a factor in page ranking.

Our very own Simon Nicol speaks out on the idea of Google’s moving towards a site-speed ranking system.

“I think the World loves Google, or to put it slightly more accurately, few people have a reason not to like Google, but this move could spell disaster for the global freedom of speech. Google (bless em’) don’t realise just how much damage they will do to the free World if they pursue this coarse.”

“I agree with Google in-as-much asĀ  all Internet surfers want to have a pleasant experience and a quick page loading speed is essential to this – However what Google are in effect actually suggesting is this”: Only host your website with the biggest companies in the World who have the fastest bandwidth and the most expensive machines – or we’ll rank you down in the search engines.

“If you’re poor, or if for whatever reason you host your website yourself (as I do) on your own broadband – forget it. If you need to keep your database secure (even from your ISP) – well you just can’t. From, this; Google’s latest strategy it would seem that having now apparently dropped the Page Ranking system (whereby paid links from major corporations and advertising indexes would get you a higher page rank and thus be favoured in search results). It would now seem that any individual or small company hosting from their own broadband are to be squeezed out too.”

Way to go Google – Mega Conglomerates of the World Unite!

“I honestly believe” continues Simon Nicol (42 year old M.D of Caspian IT) “that either intentionally or unintentionally, Google are doing the Internet a substantial amount of damage. You either have to pay for links from large advertising companies to raise your PageRank (the rich get richer scheme) or, so it would now seem, you will have to pay vast amounts of money to mega corporations for the fastest bandwidth you can afford.”

“I predict, that if Google persist there could be a huge and sudden backlash unlike anything Google could foresee and Internet surfers will drop them like a stone – the Internet represents the free World – no one organisation controls it, they should remember that or we will start to see the Internet splitting into groups. There will be a new kind of Internet that is far more savvy, selective and built around private communities.”

“Coming from a video games programming background, I strongly advocate high quality code that is efficient and written to execute as quickly as possible. I would spend weaks sometimes tweaking code to shave off every processor clock cycle. Good code is one thing – Having the money to spend on a dedicated hosting package with the highest bandwidth is quite another. If Google intend to make ‘site optimisation’ a factor – that’s actually fine by me, but if they mean ‘How quickly will your page load – then that’s another matter entirely and yet again the people with pots of money will win. If that happens Google’s position as ‘the people’s favourite search engine’ will change dramatically.”

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