Well it’s all very nice of Site Scan to tell me that I missing all these files,  but it doesn’t actually say what to do about it.

I’m using WordPress and my platform of Choise. I went from an easy to slap up Artisteer template, that was ok, but I thought it just didn’t quite have that professional edge to it. Now I’m working with a WordPress template from Rocket Theme, which is much nicer. I’ve added bits of Flash here and there and tweaked the theme to my needs.

The problem I’m having now is that there are a number of plugin’s that no longer work. Google AJAX Translate doesn’t seem to work at all any more. And ‘Ultimate Google Analytics’ looks as though it’s seen it’s last days… I need to get this sorted out quite urgently (yesterday GA said I had only 2 visits and the day before only 1 – Eeek!) I know this can’t be true, but still my monthly stats are plummeting!


Well, aside from the grim looking sats, I’m sure the reality is not that bad – at least I hope so. Still never mind, like so many things it looks as though I’ll have to track what’s going wrong manually so here goes…

The trick here is to visit one of your posts and then view the HTML to see is the code is anywhere to be found on the page.

First thing is to log out (Ultimate GA doesn’t record visits by Admin’s and may not include the GA code on the page)

Then vists one of your posts and view the HTML. I then did a search for my Analytics user ID for this site … and found the code was not there! So that explains that, it just doesn’t explain why it’s not working just that it isn’t.

OK. Deffinately no GA code. I tried switching back to my old theme and BAM! Working. So, so far we know the plugin works and we know that it’s not because of an incompatability with the latest version of WordPress (2.8.5).

SO as with so many things that go wonky with WP, it’s the theme – again!

<!-- tracker not added by Ultimate Google Analytics plugin v1.6.0: http://www.oratransplant.nl/uga -->
<!-- tracker is not added for a logged on user of this level -->

The above is code I see within the HEAD tags at the start of my page on the working theme. On the theme that doesn’t work I don’t see any code relating to Google Analytics at all. I’m now deeply suspicious – Could it be mootools on this theme? Could it be an incompatible JQuery? What gives?

For the moment I’ve decided to go with another GA plugin – a MUCH simpler one you can download from here you literally paste you GA code into the box and select whether you want to track admin’s or not (generally no)

I activate the plugin and the first thing I get is this:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected $end in D:\WWWRoot\caspianit\wp-content\plugins\google-analytics-plugin\wpgap.php on line 109

Oh goody.

Sorry scarcasm doesn’t solve things, my point is just why-oh-why is nothing ever simple. It’s like buying a cuddly bunny from the pet store only to open the box when you get home and have it gnore you face off.

Next up is the plugin called ‘Google Analytics for WordPress’ and you can download it from here. The install went smoothly, just paste in your GA account info.

Humm no errors and everything seems fine, revisit my home page… and nothing. Oh joy. I tried switching my theme back to the old one and BINGO everythings fine. So far it looks as though the very lovely lovely looking themes by RocketTheme are doing everything they possibly can to screw up every other plugin ever written for WordPress.

I appreciate that RocketTheme come from a Joomla! background, but when moving to the WordPress – compatability is the name of the game. I somehow feel that if I deleted all RocketTheme’s mylovelyanimationlibrary.js files everything would start working nicely again.


I’ve just had a reply from RocketTheme and Jakub Baran on their support team was very helpful. They said their theme did have some compatibility problems and has now been updated. I now have the new – less broken theme up and running and the World is again a happy place, Santa is still on for Christmas and the Easter bunny promisses not to bite anyones head off.


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